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U.S. Players Accepted!

SportBetting poker is fully available to US players! Get started with a great $1,000 Bonus today!
SportsBetting Download

SportsBetting Download, TL;DR

Well Designed Software

The SportBetting poker download offers some of the best software available to US players!

Windfall Poker

Win tens of thousands of dollars in minutes with just a single digit buy-in!

Fast Withdrawals

Withdrawals are processed within days and sometimes even hours.

Secure Funds

SportsBetting has established itself as a secure platform with high level security.

Mobile Poker

Play freely on any mobile platform from anywhere!


Win extra cash just by playing cash games and sit & go’s!

Cryptocurrency Deposits

Players can deposit using 5 of the most popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

Bonus Offer

Register today and get a 100% bonus up to $1,000! (Read our Poker Bonus Code review to learn about this bonus and other promotions.)

Downloading & Installing the Software

It only takes a few moments to get SportsBetting up and running. Here’s what you need to do:

Download and Install

Download & Install SportsBetting Software

To begin with, visit and click on whichever download file you need, depending on whether you are using Windows or MAC. Once the Sportsbetting download finishes run the file to install the software. The process is very easy and shouldn’t cause you any problems.

Create New Account

Creating an Account

Now you need to create your new account. You can do this either through the software you just installed, or on No matter where you choose to do it, the process will be the same and should only take a few minutes.

Making a Deposit

Making a Deposit

Now that you have created an account, you can log in and go to the cashier. There you will see a “Deposit” button, which will open the deposit window in your browser. From there you can proceed to choosing your deposit method and filling out the deposit information. If everything is entered correctly, your deposit should be processed within a few seconds!

SportsBetting Table

Go Get Them!

Now that you have all the tools ready, you can finally sit down at the tables and show off your skills! Being a first time depositor at SportsBetting also qualifies you for a 100% Bonus up to $1,000, which you read more about in our SportsBetting Bonus Code review.

Download SportsBetting Software

Download SportsBetting and start playing in just a few moments! Start today and grab your $1,000 Welcome Bonus!

SportsBetting Software Review

SportsBetting shares it’s software with its sister room BetOnline. Both rooms have initially operated on a former Chico Poker platform that was acquired by them upon entering the online poker scene. While this did bring certain benefits with it, eventually they decided to invest in their own software. Since 2016, both SportsBetting and BetOnline have used this software and have been improving it ever since.

While initially the software was not as refined as it is today, a lot of the features and customization options came with time. Today, the SportsBetting poker download offers 7 games to choose from, including 2 games that you won’t find on any other well know poker room – Americana and 32 Card Draw. The top 5 games played on SportsBetting are Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha, Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-Card Stud and Razz.

The table design very slick, pleasant to the eye and intuitive. It may seem like table design should be the primary focus of any online poker room, considering that’s where players spend 95%+ of their time there, but a surprising amount of poker rooms fail at decent table design. SportsBetting tables have a lot of customization options, with plenty of table and card themes to choose from, as well as being able to upload your own avatar. Animations and sounds are also fully adjustable.

Another thing many poker rooms miss out on is multi-tabling supports. Not that they make that option unavailable, but they do make it as hard as humanly possible to play multiple tables for whatever reason. Fortunately, SportsBetting does not have these issues, in fact, their multi-tabling support is pretty stellar, going as far as introducing fully customizable hotkeys, which only a few online poker rooms do.

Another unusual, but awesome feature boasted by SportsBetting is the ability to create your own cash game table! If you want to play with a group of friends, this is the perfect solution. There are also virtually no limitations on creating a table, it can be any game offered by SportsBetting with blinds up to $100/$200!

If you ever have a question about any of SportsBetting’s features or anything else, you will also be pleasantly surprised to find that a live chat feature is available right in the client, so you can have an answer to whatever question you need answered in minutes!

Minimum System Requirements:


Windows XP Service Pack 3 or better

Intel Pentium 800 MHz or better

256 MB of RAM or more

50 MB of disk space or more


Mac OS X v10.9 and above

Windfall Prize Distributions

Windfall Poker

One of SportsBetting’s most popular formats is Windfall Poker. This game is a sit & go variation with a lottery element added to it, allowing players to win huge amounts of money in minutes, and since Windfall Poker games have a hyper-turbo format, the games can last only a few minutes and are sometimes over within just a few hands.

A game of Windfall Poker always starts with 3 players, 500 chip starting stacks and 3 minute blind levels. Depending on the prize pool multiplier, a game can either be winner-take all or every finishing position will award some amount of the prize pool. x2 through x100 multiplier are always winner take all, while the biggest x2000 multiplier awards all three players, even though it still awards the vast majority of the prize pool to the eventual winner of the game. You can see the frequencies at which certain multipliers hit and what payout structures you can expect depending on stakes in the tables on the right.

Daily Cash Race

SportsBetting offers cash game players an awesome opportunity to win a share of $1,100 every day by participating in the Daily Cash Race! No need to opt in, you qualify for the leaderboard the second you start playing at any of the cash game tables. Unfortunately, bad beat jackpot eligible table do not count towards this race. On all other tables however, players will earn 1 point towards the daily leaderboard for every raked hand they play. The Daily Cash Race starts every day at 20:00 PM ET and the leaderboard resets at 19:59 PM ET.

Daily Cash Race

Weekly Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge

Just like cash game players, sit & go players also have something special to look forward too. Every week, $5,275 will be shared among players in the weekly sit & go leaderboard challenge! The prize pool is distributed between 4 separate leaderboards (Regular/Turbo sit & go’s, Hyper sit & go’s, Regular/Turbo HU sit & go’s and Hyper HU sit & go’s).

Players can participate in multiple leaderboards simultaneously and earn 1 point towards a leaderboard for every single comp point they earn by playing sit & go’s. Players should note though, only single table sit & go’s qualify for this promotion, tournaments will not yield you any points towards the leaderboards. The leaderboards restart every Sunday at 8:00 PM ET and the prizes are awarded to the winners within the next few days.

Weekly Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge

Bad Beat Jackpot

SportsBetting offers one of the biggest potential bad bead jackpots you will find in any online poker room! All you have to do to be eligible for it, is play on SportsBetting’s cash game tables which are marked as bad beat jackpot eligible. You shouldn’t have too much trouble finding these tables as they will be the ones where most of the action is always at!

The best thing about this bad beat jackpot is that you can win a piece of it without actually doing anything yourself! Here’s how the jackpot prize pool is distributed once it hits:

  • 20% is awarded to the player who suffered the bad beat
  • 5% is awarded to the winner of the hand
  • 5% will be divided between the rest of the players at the table
  • 5% of the jackpot will is split among players at other eligible bad beat tables
  • 30% goes towards the next bad beat jackpot
  • 5% is withheld towards administrative fees


As of the time this review is being written, the bad beat jackpot stands close to $500,000, so while the percentages may seem a bit small, you can see that even players who were not at the same table can expect to be awarded thousands of dollars if the jackpot hits!

Here’s how the jackpot can be activated. The player suffering a bad beat must have a hand of Four of a Kind of Jacks or better beaten by a stronger hand at showdown. Also, to be eligible, at least 4 players must be dealt into the hand to begin with.

SportsBetting Poker Odds Caclulator

To level the playing field between professional and casual players, SportsBetting offers all players a very interesting feature – a Poker Odds Calculator. This is a piece of software is not built into the poker client and needs to be installed separately. You can follow the installation guide below to get your Poker Odds Calculator up and running.

Installing & Using The Poker Odds Calculator

Step 1

First, you need to visit, where you will see download buttons for both Windows and MAC operating systems. Download whichever installer you need.

Calculator Install Step 1
Step 2

Open the installer and go through the installation process. The software is lightweight and the installation process is typical of any small piece of software you’ve installed before, so you should be finished with the installation in a matter of minutes.

Calculator Install Step 2
When you first launch the SportsBetting Poker Odds Caclulator, it will not function until you actually sit down at a table. As soon as it detects an active table which you are present at, it automatically attaches itself to the table and starts processing all your hands and giving you all the information you need. You even get a HUD (Heads-up user display) to work with, which can show you anything from basic information on players (How often they enter the pot) to advanced information (how often they raise a continuation bet on the flop).
Calculator In Action


Sportsbetting mobile apps are top-notch and offered for both iOS and Android platforms. The standard Sportsbetting poker download doesn’t work on mobile, however. To get the app you need, visit, where you will see two QR codes as shown in the screenshot. Depending on your device platform, scan the code you need. This will download the app to your phone and all that will be left is to install it.

Mobile Download

Mobile System Requirements


Android™ 6.0 and above

RAM: 1024Mb+

Screen resolution: 480×800+


iOS 8 and above

iPhone 5+, iPad 3+

SportsBetting’s mobile app is extremely well designed. The more you tinker with the app, the more you start to understand how much has been invested into creating it. SportsBetting managed to transfer a lot of the desktop clients features to the app, including all of their game offerings and formats, including the every so popular windfall poker.

The lobby is very easy to navigate, you can quickly switch between game types and even use the same game filters that the desktop client provides. Apart from this, the lobby provides access to the cashier where you can deposit and withdraw your funds and a range of gameplay and table settings.

The first thing that should be noted about this app is that is allows players to play up to 4 tables. Online poker rooms available to US players are not famous for having quality mobile apps, and in many cases they are not available at all, but multi-tabling capabilities are a true rarity, so this feature alone puts SportsBetting’s app ahead of its competition.

The tables themselves are also well designed. You can switch between a few table and card designs, change the animation and sound settings and even use the chat the same way you would on a desktop client – with chat bubbles! If you are playing multiple tables, all of them are always in view at the top of the app so you can switch between them without having to open any additional menu’s or having to do anything generally annoying.

In Conclusion…

SportsBetting is a top-notch US friendly room with a lot to offer. Great software, awesome promotion and a $1,000 Welcome Bonus offer are just too good to resist!

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