BetNow Sportsbook & Casino welcomes players from the US to place wagers on their Sportsbook and Casino. New players can claim a 50% Match Cash Bonus on their first deposit with our exclusive USAPROMO bonus code. Sportsbook & Casino Promo Codes, TL;DR

Choose Your Bonus

Check out our exclusive BetNow promo code for a Cash Bonus that can be used at the Sportsbook and Casino!

50% Welcome Cash Bonus

New players can receive a 50% Welcome Bonus that will be paid as a Cash Bonus that can be used at the Sportsbook and Casino. To redeem, use the promo code USAPROMO.

Deposit With Bitcoin

Bitcoin is the recommended funding option at BetNow, for faster processing times and higher deposit limits. also accepts payments using a Visa, Mastercard or American Express credit card.

50% Reload Casino Bonus

Reload your account with a 50% Casino Bonus. To claim this cash bonus, use the BNCASINO bonus code.

Cash Bonus Rebates

If you have a net losing week at the Casino or Racebook, BetNow will give you a Cash Bonus rebate automatically! 10% Rebate for the Casino or 8% Rebate for Horses!

Plenty of Games offers you games to wager on at the Sportsbook, Casino or Racebook! You can access all the games on the desktop and mobile version of the website!

Bonuses Are Cashable!

Bonuses like USAPROMO are fully cashable, once you meet your rollover requirement for the 50% Welcome Bonus!

Rollover on Bonuses

All Cash Bonuses at BetNow have a rollover requirement. To learn more about how this works read our Bonus Rollover Terms section. Promo Codes

To begin, we recommend you redeem our exclusive 50% Welcome Bonus for use on the Sportsbook or the Casino. The choice is yours. After you claim this promotion, BetNow offers a 50% Casino reload and Cash Bonus Rebates at the Casino or Racebook. Take advantage of these Match Bonuses as the original bonus amount is cashable!

Coupon CodePromotionMin DepositPlaythrough
USAPROMO50% Match Bonus, up to $1000, for Sportsbook and Casino! Initial deposit only. Bonus is cashable.$50 to play $75 at Sportsbook or Casino8x sportsbook, 30x casino
BNCASINO50% Match Bonus, up to $1000, for Casino! First 3 deposits only. For use on Casino. Bonus is cashable.$50 to play $75 at Casino only30x casino
Click to Claim10% Rebate on net losses at the Casino!No min deposit required2x
Click to Claim8% Rebate on net losses at the Racebook!No min deposit required2x
BetNow go to the Cashier at the Main Menu

Go to top menu bar and click Cashier button.

To claim a Promo Code, go to the Cashier. You can get there by going to the top menu bar, you should see a link labeled “Cashier”, which you will click. On some browsers, you will see a menu icon that you will need to click on to display the menu options.

This will take to the Cashier where you will see the available deposit options like Bitcoin and Credit Cards.

Here you will see the options to fund your account. When you select how you want to fund your deposit, such as Bitcoin, you will enter the information necessary to begin the Bitcoin deposit process.

Also on the banking page, you will enter the amount you want to deposit and the promo code you want to claim for the deposit bonus.

BetNow choose your funding source for deposit

Select banking source to fund your account.

BetNow Redeem 50% Cash Bonus for Sportsbook & casino USAPROMO coupon code

Enter the bonus code you wish to claim, from our recommended coupon code table, prior to your deposit

Increase your playing amount with your initial deposit at BetNow, by using the 50% Welcome Bonus. With a deposit of $50, you will have a playing balance of $75 to play at the Sportsbook or Casino. To claim, use the promo code USAPROMO at the time of deposit.

Bonus Rollover Terms

When you claim a bonus at BetNow there will be a rollover wagering requirement. This is the amount you will need to playthrough to complete the terms of the promotion. Once you complete the wagering requirement, your bonus winnings are eligible to be withdrawn and you can also move onto a new promotion.

To calculate the wagering requirement, read the terms of the promotion for rollover multiplier. Once you have this value, you can begin plugging in the rest of the values. Take the amount you deposited and the bonus you received and add them together. Multiply this sum by the rollover multiplier. This value is your total wagering requirement.

(deposit amount + bonus amount) x rollover = total wagering requirement

This is the amount you must wager, not the amount you must win.

Using the USAPROMO bonus code, if you deposit $50 your bonus would be $25. If you choose to meet your wagering requirement playing only games from the Sportsbook, your rollover is 8x (note: for Casino, rollover is 30x). This would make your total wagering requirement $600 when you use your bonus for the Sportsbook.


Bonuses Are Cashable

All of the bonuses at BetNow are cashable, unless noted in the terms. But the ones we reviewed here can be cashed out after meeting the wagering requirement. That means they are not “sticky”, so when you request your payout you will get to keep the original bonus amount. This means extra winnings for you. This is a big positive, since cashable bonuses are not always given by competing online casinos, often hiding it in the fine prints.

Make sure to take advantage of the cashable aspect of the USAPROMO promo code.

BetNow Promo Codes

Start with a 50% Cash Bonus

To get started, we recommend claiming the 50% Welcome Bonus with coupon code USAPROMO. This Cash Bonus can be used at the Sportsbook and Casino.

To learn more about this promotion and other reload and rebate Cash Bonuses, read about them in this review. For a quick overview, see the table above.

BetNow 50% Cash Bonus for Sportsbook & Casino USAPROMO coupon code

USAPROMO – 50% Match Cash Bonus

  • Initial deposit only
  • $50 min deposit required
  • Bonus up to $1000
  • Good on the Sportsbook AND Casino!
  • 8x Sportsbook rollover
  • 30x Casino rollover
  • Bonus is cashable!

After you sign-up for an account, your first deposit at BetNow can receive a 50% Welcome Bonus. To claim make a deposit of at least $50. You will be able to claim a bonus up to $1000. That means any deposit above $2000, will cap a $1000 bonus. You will only be able to claim this promotion once. Best of all the bonus is cashable!

While making your deposit, use the USAPROMO coupon code.

You will be able to use your bonus to play either at the Sportsbook or Casino.

Depending where you use your bonus, the rollover requirement will vary. For the Sportsbook, the rollover is 8 times; for the Casino, 30 times. With a $50 deposit, you would get a $25 bonus. If you choose to play at the Sportsbook, your total wagering requirement would be $600. But if you choose to play at the Casino, your total playthrough would be $2250. To learn more about rollover and wagering requirement you can read about it in this review.

BetNow 50% Cash Bonus for Casino BNCASINO coupon code

BNCASINO- 50% Match Cash Bonus on Casino

  • Use up to 3 times
  • $50 min deposit required
  • Bonus up to $1000
  • Good on Casino only!
  • 30x Casino rollover
  • Bonus is cashable!

For those that only want to use their bonus at the Casino, offer a 50% Casino Deposit Bonus. To claim you will need to deposit at least $50 and use the BNCASINO bonus code. This bonus can be claimed up to $1000, so any deposit above $2000 will stay at the $1000 bonus. Best of all the bonus is cashable!

We still recommend the USAPROMO promo code first since it give you the option to use your bonus for both the Sportsbook and the Casino at BetNow.

You can claim this promotion anytime in your first 3 deposits, for a maximum of 3 times. You must also not make a withdrawal in between your first 3 deposits to be allowed to you this promo code multiple times. So if you claimed the USAPROMO bonus code first, you can reload your account twice with this BNCASINO coupon code.

Since this promotion is only good for the Casino, the rollover requirement is 30 times the (deposit + bonus) you made to claim the reward. For example, if you deposited $50 your bonus reward would be $25. As described in the wagering requirement formula earlier in the review, that would make your total wagering requirement $2250.

BetNow 10% Cash Bonus Rebate on Casino automatic promo

Automatic 10% Casino Rebate

  • Automatic Rebate
  • Available weekly

  • 10% Rebate on net losses
  • 2x rollover
  • Use rebate on Sportsbook, Casino, etc

When you play at the Casino, sometimes you may have an off week. When that happens, don’t worry, offers a 10% rebate on your net losses for the week. So if at the end of the week, you were down $50 after all your bets, your rebate will be $5. You can use this $5, to change your fortune, and give yourself the opportunity to turn it into winnings.

Best of all this rebate is automatic and will be credited back to you account. Other online casino often have you contact their customer service to redeem the rebate. You don’t have to worry about that at BetNow, they will automatically credit your account the following week.

One of the other benefits of this rebate is that you can use it to play at the BetNow Sportsbook or Racebook. So if you feel like it’s not your week at the Casino, go ahead and use your rebate to play other games.

The rebate has a 2 times rollover on the amount of the rebate, regardless of what you deposited originally. For the example above, if you receive a $5 rebate, you would need to wager at least $10.

BetNow defines the week as Monday to Sunday.

BetNow 8% Cash Bonus Rebate on Horses automatic promo

Automatic 8% Horse Racing Rebate

  • Automatic Rebate
  • Available weekly
  • 8% Rebate on net losses
  • 2x rollover
  • Use rebate on Sportsbook, Casino, etc

As fun as Horse Racing is sometimes, your week may not be all wins. If ever you have a net loss for the week, BetNow will give you an 8% rebate automatically. That mean if you ended your down a total of $50, you would get a rebate of $4 credit to your account. Don’t let a off week at the Racetracks discourage you, use this rebate for a chance to win on the next horse race!

To claim the rebate, you will not have to do anything. BetNow will send you the rebate automatically once the week ends. That means no hassle for you, with no need to contact customer service, simply wait for the rebate.

The rebate comes with a 2 times rollover on the amount of the rebate. No need to factor in the amount of your deposit. Simply multiply the rebate by 2. Using the example above, if your rebate was $4, your total wagering requirement is $8 for the rebate.

BetNow defines the week as Monday to Sunday.

BetNow Account Sign-up

In order to claim any of the Deposit Bonuses or Cash Back Rebates, you will have to create an account at BetNow. The process is fairly quick and easy. There is only one form you will need to fill out. We will walk you through the steps, even though you can probably figure it out on your own.

BetNow Sign-up Form

Begin by Clicking Here

To get started, click on this link to open up the BetNow Sign-Up Form.


Sign-up Form

BetNow requires you enter your valid information for your Full Name, Address and Mobile Number. This will be used to verify your identity before you can request a withdrawal. If you plan to play to win money, it is a good idea to sign-up with your real information.

If you can’t see the image clearly, you will need to provide the following information in the sign-up form.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Country
  • State / Region
  • Street
  • Town / City
  • Postal Code
  • Mobile Phone
  • Email
  • Date of Birth
  • Password & Re-enter Password
BetNow Confirm Your Sign-up Info

Confirm Your Information

After you submit your sign-up information, you will have an opportunity to verify you entered the correct information.

As we recommended above, make sure to double check the information you entered since this will be used to verify your account during the banking process.

BetNow Username Generated

Account & Username Created

After confirming your sign-up information, you will see a confirmation screen showing that your account has been created successfully. will generate your username. Unlike other website where you choose your username, you will need to use a generated username. There is no option to log in with your email. We suggest using a password app to store the username as it will appear as a string of random numbers and letters.


Make a Deposit

After creating an account, the final step to claim the 50% Welcome Cash Bonus you will need to make a deposit at the Cashier.

BetNow go to Cashier at top menu bar

Go to Cashier

To get started go to the Cashier. You will see the Link available in the top bar menu.

BetNow choose a Deposit Funding option at Cashier

Choose a Deposit Option

Here you will see the list of available deposit options to fund your account. Currently BetNow accepts Bitcoin, Credit/Prepaid Cards and MoneyGram.

All options are free, but the steps and requirements for each are different. We will walk you through the two most popular funding sources in Bitcoin and Credit Cards.

Bitcoin Deposit

For Bitcoin you can make a deposit starting at $10, to as much as $40,000. This funding source gives you the option for the lowest allowed deposit requirement and highest allowed maximum deposit.

BetNow enter your Bitcoin amount
Bitcoin Amount

On the first form you will need provide the amount you want to deposit, your first name, your last name.

If you would like to claim our recommended USAPROMO bonus code, for a 50% Welcome Cash Bonus, you can do so here.

BetNow get Bitcoin address to send deposit
Bitcoin Address

After submitting your Bitcoin Amount, you will get the Bitcoin Address to where you will need to send your Bitcoin payment. You will see the current BTC to USD exchange rate and how much you will send in BTC from your account to BetNow.

You will also see the QR Code and BitCoin address on this screen. You will be able to use either of these to send your Bitcoin payment to BetNow.

Credit Card Deposit

When making a Credit Card deposit, you can fund your account with as little as $20, to at most $1,000. This funding option allows to use a Credit Card, Prepaid Card or Debit Card that is backed by American Express, Visa or Mastercard.

BetNow enter your Credit Card information to make deposit
Credit Card Info

To make a deposit, the standard credit card information is need to provide on this form. This includes the amount you want to deposit, Credit Card Type, Credit Card Number, Expiration Date, CVV.

There is also a field for a promo code. So if want to claim our recommended 50% Welcome Bonus, you can enter the USAPROMO coupon code here.

Request a Payout

After meeting your rollover for the USAPROMO promotional code, you will be allowed to withdraw your winnings from the 50% Welcome Cash Bonus.

BetNow payout options

Payout Options

For payout payments, when you make a withdrawal request, you will have a few options to choose. We recommend using Bitcoin due to processing time and payout limits.

Other options available at BetNow are Direct Deposit, Bank Draft, Bank Wire and Cash App. Most of these options will charge a fee and processing time will vary. This part of the reason, BetNow also recommends having your withdrawal payment sent through BitCoin.

BetNow payout BitCoin information

Bitcoin Payout

To receive your Bitcoin payout, you will need to provide some basic Bitcoin information about the eWallet you want your payment to be sent and the amount you want to withdraw. This eWallet information includes, Customer First Name & Last Name and your Bitcoin Address.

The processing time can take 24-48 hours. So please be patient. If you have questions about the status of your payout, you can contact’s customer service and they can transfer you to appropriate department.


Customer Service

BetNow customer service can be contacted through a toll-free number, email or online chat. They are usually quick to respond to questions about a promotion or your account. If they are unsure of an answer, they will forward you to a different department. So it is good to know, they make sure to provide you with the correct answers to your questions.

One other positive thing I’ve noticed about the customer service, for the handful of times we asked them questions, they did not try to upsell us on other promo codes, which is a common tactic at other online casinos.

The only negative aspect of the online customer service system is that they ask for your username and password. We found this to be a little weird, so we changed our password temporarily and provided them with that password. We assume this is the same if you contact them the toll-free number. But if you have a question about a promotion and don’t want to go through this extra step, just send them an email about the promotion you have a questions about.

Overall the customer service was quick to answer and took the time to give the correct detailed answer.


Comp Points

To reward loyal players, BetNow does not use a points based system for their VIP Loyalty Program. They use an automatic Cash Bonus on your real cash deposits. That means as soon as you make your deposit, you will receive your cash bonus. While in a point systems, like other online casinos, you usually have to accrue a certain level of points before you can exchange the points for a $1 credit.

To learn more, see the VIP Loyalty Program next.

BetNow VIP Program with Cash Bonus

BetNow has a lifetime VIP program that rewards you with a Cash Bonus. No points systems to convert to bonus money. You will receive your bonus automatically when you deposit with real money.

In order to get into the VIP Program at, you just need to sign-up for an account and make your deposit of qualifying amount. After making the qualifying deposit, contact customer service to let them know to make sure you receive your VIP Status Cash Bonus on your future deposits.

There are 2 different tiers of the VIP Program that will give you greater VIP Cash Bonuses.

10% VIP Status
  • Make a qualifying $500 deposit, contact cust serv
  • Future deposits receive a 10% Cash Bonus
  • 3x rollover

10% VIP Status

When you deposit $500 you will receive the 10% VIP Status. That means all your real money cash deposits afterwards will receive 10% cash bonus. So a $300 deposit, would give you a $30 cash bonus!

15% VIP Status
  • Make a qualifying $2000 deposit, contact cust serv
  • Future deposits receive a 15% Cash Bonus
  • 3x rollover

15% VIP Status

To get the 15% VIP Status, you will need to deposit $2000. Now all your cash deposits from this time forward will receive a 15% cash bonus. Using the same $45 deposit, you would get a $45 cash bonus. If you plan to play a lot at, we recommend the 15% VIP Status, as it will eventually pay for itself.

If you feel you want to try out VIP status, you can start with a 10% VIP Status by making your $500 deposit. After testing it out, you can then move up to the 15% VIP Status by making a $2000 deposit. Just contact customer service so that they can upgrade your account, once you make your qualifying deposit.


VIP Status Terms

You can use your Cash Bonus to play either at the Sportsbook or Casino.

The cash bonus comes with 3 times rollover on the bonus amount and the deposit amount. So if you deposit $100 with a 15% VIP Status, your bonus would be $15. This would make your total wagering requirement $345, before you can request your payout.

Start winning at the today!

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good casino

since there's no sports on tv right now, i checked out betnow casino. the welcome bonus is good for the casino so you can get a 50% bonus there. just be aware that there is a 30 times rollover on the total sum of the deposit and bonus. the cool thing is there is also a 10% refund on losses that's automatic. there is a 2 times rollover on the refund. casino is worth checking out if you like casino gaming.