Everygame, previously known as Intertops, is an established online poker room that welcomes players from around the world including the US. It offers new members many existing opportunities to stretch their bankrolls and even play for free.

Up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus, TL;DR

200% up to $1,000

All new players are eligible for the $1,000 Everygame Bonus by depositing just $500.

Minimum Deposit

Players can activate a Bonus for as little as a $25 deposit.

All Deposit Methods

Any available deposit method can be used to activate the bonus.

Bonus Expiration

Players have 3 months to clear the Bonus before it expires.

Everygame Bonus Code

After you have made your deposit, use the Everygame Bonus Code 1000ITP to activate your Bonus.

Bonus is Cashable

Once the bonus is cleared in can be withdrawn without any further restrictions.
Everygame Poker Bonus Code: 1000ITP
Using the Everygame Poker Bonus Code: 1000ITP after making a deposit.

To use the bonus code…

To activate the 200% up to $1,000 new player bonus described on this page:

1) Make a deposit. The minimum amount is $25. Deposit $500 or more for the max bonus.
2) Within the poker client, click Cashier. Along the left, under Poker click Redeem Bonus.
3) Enter the Everygame Poker Bonus Code 1000ITP then click Redeem Bonus.

Remember, the bonus will not be automatically applied, you must enter the code as explained above. This code must be entered within 24 hours of making your deposit, so don’t delay!

Create an Account at Everygame Poker


Step 1: Registration Form

You can create your account by going through the process in the Everygame client or by doing it on the Everygame website. The process is the same no matter where you choose, so choose whichever you feel like.

First, you will have to select your country.

Creating Account Step 1

Step 2: Account Information

The second step is entering your account information. Your e-mail needs to be genuine to confirm your registration and to get important information about deposits, withdrawals, promotions, etc. Make sure your password is unique, has a decent number of characters and uses special characters.
Creating Account Step 2

Step 3: Personal Information

Next, you need to enter some of your personal information, like your name and date of birth. This information needs to be genuine so you can later verify ownership of the account if it will be necessary.
Creating Account Step 3

Step 4: Contact Information

Finally, you need to provide your contact details. Make sure this information is accurate too, since almost all poker rooms use address verification as one the account verification measures.
Creating Account Step 4

Step 5: All Done!

All done! Now you can proceed to making a deposit, after which the juicy bonus is all yours!

Making a Real Money Deposit at Everygame

Everygame has a ton of deposit methods available no matter where you are in the world, so just follow these easy steps and you can start playing in no time!

Step 1: Navigate to the Deposit Menu

After you have logged into your account, click on the cashier. This will immediately take you to the deposit window where all the available options will be listed. Choose your preferred option and click the “deposit” button next to it.
Deposit Step 1

Step 2: Fill out Your Deposit Form

Next, you will need to enter the amount you want to deposit.
Deposit Step 2

Step 3: Follow Instructions if Necessary

Finally, depending on your chosen method, you will need to enter the deposit information to finalize your deposit. Once this is completed, the deposit will be processed instantly and you can start playing immediately!
Deposit Step 3
Everygame Deposit

Deposit Method Overview (Yes, Bitcoin is available!)

Cryptocurrencies are big, and the best poker rooms have adjusted quickly by offering deposits with various currencies. Everygame offers deposits in bitcoin and litecoin, which are two of the most popular cryptocurrencies out there.

If you prefer more traditional deposit methods, you can always use your credit card. Everygame accepts VISA, Matercard and American Express, so if that you’re preferred option, it’s highly likely that you have at least one of those cards.

Another popular option is e-wallets and Everygame offers all the top options. Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard are all available. E-wallets have the advantage of not only instant deposits like other options, but also the fastest withdrawal times.

Clearing The Deposit Bonus

Once you have activated your Welcome Bonus, it will be released in increments of $5 for every 83.335 Frequent Player Points you earn. Players earn FPP’s at a rate of 1 FPP for every $1 in rake generated at the cash game tables and 7 FPP’s for every $1 in tournaments fees paid. The reason why cash games reward fewer FPP’s is because Everygame uses the dealt rake method, meaning that every player dealt into the hand earn as many FFP’s as the amount of rake the whole table generates in that hand.

This does make in hard to calculate the value of the Welcome Bonus for cash game players, but we can assume it will be at least somewhat in the vicinity of the value players can expect if they were to clear the Welcome Bonus playing only tournaments and sit & go’s. Fortunately the value of the latter is not that hard to calculate.

Bonus Value & Cashback

So let’s say you have activated a $500 Welcome Bonus and plan on clearing it playing $11 tournaments. $1 of the $11 for every tournament goes towards rake and gets you 7 FFP’s. This means that to release a single $5 increment of the Bonus you will have to contribute $11.9 in rake.

83.335 / 7 = $11.905

This means that to clear the entire $500 Bonus, you will need to contribute $1,190.5 in rake.

$11.905 * 100 = $1.190.5

By comparing the contributed amount of rake to the value gained, the value of the Bonus itself, or cashback, adds up to ~42%.

$500 * 100 / $1190.5 = 41.999%

Bonus Clearing


Cashback Value

Reload Bonus

Everygame offers existing members reload bonuses. You’ll receive these codes via email, which is why it’s important to use an authentic and reliable email address and maintain it. These bonuses are similar to the welcome bonus described above but the match percentages and bonus caps vary. Although there’s no set schedule, Everygame sends them out frequently and often to members who’ve just joined.

No Deposit Bonus

No Deposit bonuses are a bit different from regular bonuses. These Bonuses can be activated by exchanging gold coins. To find out more about them, skip to the Gold Coins section on this page. To activate one of these bonuses, players will need to e-mail customer support at poker@everygame.eu with the subject ‘Gold Chips $x Bonus’ where x is the bonus amount you want to activate. The body of the e-mail must contain your Everygame username.

The following Bonuses are available:

$5 for 20 Gold Chips

$25 for 100 Gold Chips

$100 for 400 Gold Chips

These bonuses are paid out like all other in $5 increments for every 83.335 Frequent Player Points earned.

Wagering Requirements

All Everygame welcome, reload and non-deposit bonuses are managed the same way. The bonus amounts aren’t awarded to your account immediately but rather doled out as you participate in cash games or purchase tournament tickets. Each time you earn 83.335 Frequent Player Points, Everygame will immediately give you $5 of the bonus you’ve claimed. These are bonus funds that don’t expire but must be used for poker and can’t be withdrawn. This process will continue until you’ve claimed all of your bonus or the code expires. Expiration periods vary depending on the offer. The welcome Everygame poker bonus code expires after 90 days, but reload bonus codes are null and void after 30 days. Note that your FPP are just used as a milestone here and not actually consumed. More on them in a moment.

Stacking Bonuses

Everygame does allow you to stack bonuses. These offers are queued in the order you claim them and processed sequentially. Note that they’re still subject to expiration. A bonus expiring doesn’t affect others, and you can check the status for all bonuses at any time on your account page.

Depositor Freeroll and Freeroll Schedule

Anyone who makes a $25 or greater deposit in a given month is awarded entry into a $1,000 Depositor Freeroll the next month. The freeroll usually take place on the first Sunday of the month. Everygame also hosts four freerolls daily Monday through Friday and two freerolls on both Saturday and Sunday. There are also extra freerolls added on a regular basis, so be sure to check the freeroll schedule each day.

Claim Your 100% up to $1,000 Everygame Bonus Offer

New to Everygame Poker? Visit Everygame.eu to get your $1,000 Bonus!

Everygame VIP

Frequent Player Points

Frequent Player Points or FPP are the loyalty currency at Everygame Poker. You earn them when participating in ring games, paying tournament fees and even when playing casino side games, such as slot machines, video poker and blackjack. You earn 1 FPP for each $1 raked as well as 7 FPP for each $1 in tournament fees. Everygame does things a little differently than many online poker rooms in that you’re credited for table rake rather than individual rake. Fractional FPP are earned, so if a table is raked $2.35, then everyone at that table receives 2.35 FPP.

Frequent Player Points
Gold Chips

Gold Chips

Each time you accumulate 100 FPP, you can convert it into a Gold Chip. These chips don’t expire and can be used for a many different purposes, including redeeming them for prizes and using them in place of tournament fees. You can also convert them into a non-deposit bonus if you prefer. Twenty chips is worth $5, and you can choose from $5, $25 and $100 bonuses. These bonuses are paid out as described in the wagering requirements section with the difference being that they never expire.

FPP Race and Loyalty Levels

Each week, Everygame splits $4,000 among the Top 100 FPP collectors. A leaderboard is available so that you can check your place and see when the new week begins. There are also 50 loyalty levels, and as you accumulate FPP, your level will increase. Early levels have just a single tier. Later levels have many tiers, and while that makes it more difficult to increase your level, you’ll be getting bigger and better prize packages at each tier.

FPP Race and Loyalty Levels
Rakeback Option

Rakeback Option

Members at Everygame poker are non-rakeback players by default. If you want to opt in as a rakeback player, then you need to email support and wait for confirmation. The advantage of being a rakeback player is that you’ll receive 36 percent of all rake collected from you. This applies to tournament buy-ins as well. Rakeback is paid out in $10 increments. So, if your rake on Monday was $100, your rakeback would be $36, and you’d receive three $10 bonuses or $30 on Tuesday. You don’t lose the $6. It rolls over to the next day. The downside to being a rakeback player is that you’ll earn FPP at half-speed.

Facebook Offers

Everygame Poker has a Facebook page, and one way the brand attracts followers and generates activity is by posting special offers that it doesn’t publish elsewhere. These offers can be quite good and are often freebies, such as a free tournament entry.

Facebook Offers

Poker Bonus

Depositors Freeroll


42% Welcome Bonus Cashback

Gold Chip Bonus

Everygame Poker Software

Everygame’s software is one of the best you will find online. You can take advantage of the following features while playing:

  • Quick Seating options
  • Extensive Lobby Filters
  • Download client available on PC and Mac
  • Mobile website compatible on all devices
  • Unique games and formats offered

If you want to learn even more about their software, our Everygame Poker download review shows how to download, install, and outlines the best features at the tables.

Everygame Software

Poker Tournament Schedule

Check out The most popular guaranteed tournaments below:

Time (ET)TournamentGtd Prize PoolBuy-inFrequency
7:10 PM$500 GTD Weekend Bounce$500$9.90Weekly (Saturday)
8:05 PM$1,000 GTD New York Sundowner$1,000$16.50Weekly (Sunday)
10:05 PM$1,000 GTD Los Angeles Sundowner$1,000$16.50Weekly (Sunday)
3:15 PMSunday Six Max $1200 GTD (R&A)$1,200$10Weekly (Sunday)
2:15 PMSunday Six Max $550 GTD (R&A)$550$5.50Weekly (Sunday)
10:15 PM$4,500 Guaranteed (Re-entry)$4,500$22Weekly (Monday)

In Conclusion…

Everygame has a greater number of Bonuses and offers available than most other poker rooms, and certain more than any poker room available to US players. (Remember to use the Everygame Poker bonus code 1000ITP!) This alone should make it a very serious contender to become one of your favorite rooms to play in!

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