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USA Players Accepted

U.S. Players Accepted!

BetOnline accepts players from the United States. Make your first deposit today and enjoy the juicy games!
BetOnline Download

BetOnline Poker Download, TL;DR

Custom Software

Developed in association with Connective Games, BetOnline’s platform is a unique and well-balanced piece of software.

Windfall Poker

Play the most popular game format of recent years at BetOnline.

Unique Games

Try your luck at Americana and 32 Card Draw, games only available at BetOnline.

Secure Funds

Your funds are always safe thanks to the latest security measures implemented by BetOnline.

Mobile Poker

Dedicated mobile clients are available for both iOS and Android smartphones.

Weekly Leaderboards

Win thousands every week by competing in the cash game and sit & go leaderboards.

Deposit Freely

Deposit with a credit card, cryptocurrency or voucher.

Bonus Offer

Register today and get a 100% bonus up to $1,000! Find out all the details in our BetOnline promo code review.

Downloading & Installing the Software

All it takes is a few simple steps to get the BetOnline download software up and running. So late us take you through the process:

Download and Install

Download & Install BetOnline Software

First, you need to open, where you can navigate to the poker section in the top menu. There you will see BetOnline download buttons for both windows and MAC clients. Download whichever one you need and complete the easy 1 step installation process.

Create New Account

Creating an Account

Just like the BetOnline download and installation, creating an account with BetOnline is basically a 1-step process. Once you have the software installed and opened, you will see a “Create Account” button. Click this button and fill in the registration form. Once you are finished you will have your brand new account ready to go!

Making a Deposit

Making a Deposit

Once you are logged into your account, all you have to do is navigate to the cashier and click the “Deposit” button. This will take you to the BetOnline Poker website, where you can choose your deposit method. Deposits are usually processed instantly, but if something does go wrong, you can contact support instantly on the website with the live chat feature!

BetOnline Table

Beating the Competition!

Now that you are finished with the small stuff, it’s time to get down to business and show everyone at the tables that there’s a new sheriff in town! But before you go, don’t forget to take the $1,000 Welcome Bonus with you. You can read more about it in our BetOnline Poker Bonus Code review at

Download BetOnline Software

Download and Install BetOnline software in just a few minutes, and don’t forget to grab your $1,000 Welcome Bonus!

BetOnline Software Review

It is usual for online poker rooms new to the scene to purchase software from existing poker rooms, after all, it’s not easy or cheap to make one yourself. After having initially tried this approach by purchasing and revamping the Chico Poker software.

While initially it was a decent investment, which brought BetOnline a solid player base along with their purchase, eventually they decided to go a different route, creating their own software on 2016 in partnership with Connective Games. The new software was a dramatic improvement from the old client. The software is now available for Windows, MAC and Mobile platforms, which is not that common for US-friendly rooms.

BetOnline offers 7 different games to choose from, including No Limit and Limit Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo, 7-Card Stud, Razz, Americana and 32 Card Draw. You can read more about the last two games further in this review.

The lobby doesn’t have any customization options, and that’s a little annoying, because while the lobby layout is pretty standard and easy to navigate, the color choices for various buttons, selections and such are not ideal and can be a bit of a strain on the eyes.

The tables on the other hand have a high degree of customization. You can select between 10 table themes, 7 card front designs and 4 card back designs. While there are plenty of avatars to choose from, you can also upload your own, which is not very common these days. Apart from the standard visual customizations, you can also fully adjust audio and animation settings, going so far as to control the speed of the animations.

Multi-tabling on BetOnline is a breeze with a lot of helpful setting to ease the process. Table positions and size can be saved and tables can be tiled or cascaded. You can save your buy-in preferences and set auto-rebuy options, as well as save your hand histories for use in 3rd part software and take advantage of the instant replayer. Last but not least, BetOnline has built in hotkeys, which allow players to play using mostly their keyboard. It can be very hard to get this feature just right, but BetOnline did a very good job of it. The only oversight is that the bet sizing options do not have custom inputs, but rather have default values of x1, x2, x3 and x4.

Among other useful and unique features, BetOnline allows players to easily transfer fund between your poker account and sportbook accounts, which can be very useful. Players can “friend” each other and then use the Buddy List feature to find each other, or just use the Player Search feature, which allows you to search for any player.

Another great feature is the Tournament List. Ever registered for a tournament and then completely forgot about it? Well, this feature will save you some headaches and money. You can always see every tournament and sit & go you are registered in, so no more forgetting!

Last but not least, players don’t even have to play at the default tables, by going to the Options menu, you can create you very own cash game table! If you want to play with friends, this is the perfect option. Tables are fully customizable, all of the games offered by BetOnline are available and you can launch stakes as high as $100/$200!

If there are still questions you have about the BetOnline client, you can ask support about it straight from the client itself, since the live chat support feature is build right into it!

Minimum System Requirements:


Windows XP Service Pack 3 or better

Intel Pentium 800 MHz or better

256 MB of RAM or more

50 MB of disk space or more


Mac OS X v10.9 and above

Americana Poker

Americana is as a variant of Stud poker, and even though it does not boast the same popularity as 7-Card Stud or even 5-Card Stud, it’s still a fun game to play. The most important difference is that Americana is played with 32 cards (7 to Ace) instead of the entire deck. Despite this, aces still play as low cards, so a A-7-8-9-T would still be considered a straight.

This leads to further rule changes where a flush now beats a full house. This is the case because mathematically, it now becomes harder to make a flush than a full house with the short deck. Oh, and those aren’t the only shenanigans when it comes to flushes. Unlike other Stud variants, flush vs flush situations are not decided by who’s flush is higher, but rather by suit rankings, from spades (strongest), followed by clubs, diamonds and hearts.

When it comes to gameplay, the game is played just like 5-Card Stud poker, with players being dealt 2 cards at the start of the game, 1 face up and one face down. The player with the highest card “Brings In” the first bet. After that there can be a maximum of 3 betting rounds with players who are left at the end having 5 cards each, 4 of which will be face up.

Windfall Prize Distributions
Windfall Payout Table

Windfall Poker

Windfall Poker is another name for the very well-known Lottery Sit & Go’s that have become incredibly popular in the last few years. Their popularity makes a lot of sense considering that thanks to this new format, players now have the opportunity to win tens of thousands of dollars playing the same stakes they always played.

Windfall Sit & Go’s are played in a hyper-turbo format. The game itself is always 3-handed and every player starts with 500 chips, which means that an individual game can be finished in minutes. Before every game starts, players will get to find out what prize pool they are playing for. This can be anywhere from 2 times the buy-in to 2000 times the buy-in! The prize pool distribution table breaks down the exact numbers for each stake.

What makes Windfall Sit & Go’s stand out from their competitors is how top heavy they are. Only the x2000 multiplier awards all three players a part of the prize pool, all other multiplier are winner take all, which does make for some very big score possibilities! The x2000 multiplier payout table shows the payouts for the maximum multiplier based on the stakes played.

Daily Cash Race

BetOnline has just revamped its cash race! It is now a daily race with $1,100 up for grabs every day for cash game players! All you have to do is play at any cash game table, excluding bad beat jackpot tables, where you will earn 1 point towards the leaderboard for every raked hand that you play. Each level of cash game tables gets its own leaderboard and you can qualify for as many of them simultaneously as you want! Every day the cash game race runs from 20:00PM ET to 19:59PM.

Cash Race Leaderboards
Sit & Go Leaderboards

Weekly Sit & Go Leaderboard Challenge

The weekly sit & go leaderboard has also seen some improvements lately! Now, a total of $5,275 is up for grabs every week split between 4 leaderboards. The leaderboards offer players a chance to compete for extra cash prizes in categories of Regular/Turbo sit & go’s, Hyper sit & go’s, Regular/Turbo HU sit & go’s and Hyper HU sit & go’s. Multi-table tournaments do not qualify for any of these leaderboards.

Players earn 1 point towards the respective leaderboard for every comp point they earn playing sit & go’s. The leaderboards run from every week from Sunday 20:01pm ET through to 20:00pm ET on the following Sunday and once they are locked and the winners are determined, prizes are paid out by Wednesday.

BetOnline Poker Odds Caclulator

Perhaps one of the most unique features offered by BetOnline is a build in Poker Odds Calculator. For the longest time, better and better software has been developed at an ever increasing rate, allowing certain players to gain an advantage over other players, but BetOnline has taken a unique approach to the problem, making the core of the software available to all players for free!

Installing & Using The Poker Odds Calculator

Step 1

This calculator is not a built in feature, but rather a separate piece of software that works in tandem with the BetOnline software when activated. To download the Poker Odds Calculator, simply go to and download the installation file for either Windows or MAC.

Calculator Install Step 1

Step 2

Once the installer is downloaded, you can go through the easy installation process is under a minute and the calculator will be ready to go!

Calculator Install Step 2
Once launched, the calculator will act as a separate piece of software until it is connected to a table. To connect it to a table, you simply need to sit down at one. Once the calculator detects an active table with you sitting at it, it will automatically attach itself to the table and start working!

As you can see from the screenshot, you will have access to a HUD (Heads-up user display) with a standard set of statistics for every player at the table. You can customize your HUD any way you want to, but the default layout is pretty close to what you would want to have while seeing the most important information and not overloading the screen too much with unnecessary information at the same time.

The part of the Poker Odds Calculator, which is now attached itself to the bottom of the table will always show your current hand strength and your chance of winning the current hand. It should be noted of course, that it’s not a 100% reliable tool. Poker is a game of incomplete information after all, and the calculator only gets as much information as you do.

Calculator In Action

Mobile & Tablet

BetOnline has put a lot of effort into their desktop software, and it seems like a lot of that effort also rubbed off on their mobile software. Both iOS and Android platforms have dedicated mobile apps. Unfortunately, you can’t just download the app from the Play store or iTunes. To get the app, you have to go to on your smartphone.

On the website, you need to click the “Play Now” button as shown in the screenshot on the left. Next, you will see instruction on how to proceed depending on what platform you are on. Scan the correct QR code and your app download will start immediately.

Mobile System Requirements


ARMv7/x86 processor with vector FPU, minimum 550MHz, OpenGL ES 2.0, H.264 and AAC HW decoders

Android™ 6.0 and above

RAM: 1024Mb+

Screen resolution: 480×800+


iOS 8 and above

iPhone 5+, iPad 3+

Once you are done installing the app, you can now start to appreciate the effort that went into its creation. The app provides most of the desktop software’s functionality. This includes the ability to create a new account right in the app. If you already have an account, you can use it to log in.

Once you are in the lobby, you will notice that all game types are available. A lot of the time mobile apps will skip certain game types for whatever reason, but BetOnline included their entire offering, which is very considerate towards the players. Players also get to enjoy a fully functional cashier, instant hand history replayer, full access to their profile and rewards section and most importantly, a clean and intuitive lobby.

Despite everything being pretty flawless so far, the tables will still manage to surprise you. BetOnline’s mobile app supports playing up to 4 tables at a time and all the tables will always be visible to you at the top of your screen. This is a great way to handle multi-tabling on a mobile app, since the chances that you will miss your turn on one of the tables go way down.

Table controls work as intended, there are no unforeseen glitches with the bet slider or entering your bet amount manually. Things at the tables do not overlap or obstruct each other in any way, so playing does not feel stressful in any way. The tables even have chat bubbles in addition to regular chat, but if you are not a fan of those or animations in general, you can also turn those off in the settings!

In Conclusion…

BetOnline’s software has come a long way since the launch of the platform and currently it is better than ever. Combined with their great Bonus offers, tournament schedule and soft cash games, BetOnline is a really great place to play some poker!

Start the BetOnline download now!

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