BetOnline is where the juiciest action available to US players is at! Hundreds of thousands of dollars in guaranteed tournament prize pools, weekly leaderboard races and an amazing Welcome Bonus, all your for the taking!

Up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus, TL;DR

100% up to $1,000

Deposit today and get your deposit matched by the same amount up to $1,000.

Released in $10 Increments

The BetOnline Bonus is released directly into your account in $10 increments.

Bonus Expiration

Players have 30 days to clear the entire Bonus amount starting from the day the Bonus has been activated.

20% Cashback

The value of the Bonus is 20%, regardless of how much of it is actually cleared.

E-mail Support to Activate Bonus

To activate the Bonus, you need to send an e-mail to with the BetOnline promo code “NEWBOL” in the subject line and your account name in the body.

Minimum Deposit

The minimum deposit amount qualifying for the Bonus is $50.

Any Deposit Method

All deposit methods can be used to activate the Bonus.

Bonus is Cashable

Once the Bonus is cleared it can be cashed out without any additional requirements.
$1,000 is all your for the taking, keep on reading for detailed information on the Bonus and the best way to clear it!

Creating an Account at BetOnline

Before you can be eligible for your awesome Welcome Bonus offer, you have to create an account with BetOnline. Fortunately, this will take only a few moments of your time and following these instructions will make it even easier and quicker.

Step 1: Navigate to the Registration Form

Once you have downloaded and installed BetOnline’s software, which you can do by visiting, you have to open the poker client. There you will be greeted by a login screen, where you will see a green “Create Account” button.
Creating Account Step 1

Step 2: Fill out Your Account Info

Now you simply need to enter all the necessary information. Every online poker room requires this is part of the regulations and your information is safe and secure with BetOnline. In fact, it would be shady if a poker rooms wouldn’t ask you for this information upon registering your account.
Creating Account Step 2

Step 3: Finished!

That’s it, there are actually no more steps! You can now use your newly created account to log in and make your first deposit, not even an e-mail confirmation needed!

Making a Deposit at BetOnline

This is the last step you need to take before you can activate your Welcome Bonus offer, so bear with us here and follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Navigate to the Deposit Menu

Now that you are logged into the BetOnline client, you will definitely see the big red “Cashier” button on the right. That’s where you need to go, and once there, click “Deposit”. This will open the deposit window in your browser with available deposit options as seen below.
BetOnline Deposit Step 1

Step 2: Enter the Deposit Amount

Once you choose your preferred deposit method, you can proceed to the next window where you have to enter the Deposit amount. You will also see a BetOnline Promo code window, but this is exclusively for sportsbook Bonuses, you do not need to enter any codes to get your Poker Welcome Bonus yet.
BetOnline Deposit Step 1

Step 3: Fill out the Deposit Form

Once you have entered your deposit amount you will be taken to the final step where you will have to enter relevant details to finalize your deposit. This can vary depending on your chosen deposit method. For example, as you can see in the picture below, Bitcoin deposits will require you to scan the generated QR code with your mobile app.
BetOnline Deposit Step 1
BetOnline Deposit Methods

More on BetOnline Deposit Methods

BetOnline offers two Deposit methods, credit cards and cryptocurrencies. As far as credit cards go, everything is pretty standard with VISA, MasterCard and Amex being accepted. The bad news is that credit cards come with a 6.5% fee on every deposit and have a deposit limit of $500. Both of these things are quite annoying, so even BetOnline themselves seem to suggest using cryptocurrencies when trying to deposit with a credit card.

Fortunately, BetOnline has 5 cryptocurrencies to choose from when making your deposit – Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum and Litecoin, which are basically the most popular cryptocurrencies. There are no deposit fees associated with any of these options and the maximum deposit amount are $50,000 for Bitcoin and Ethereum and $25,000 for Bitcoin Cash, Dash and Litecoin. Make sure you don’t confuse Bitcoin with Bitcoin Cash and visa versa when making your deposit as these are two separate currencies.

Deposit Help

If you encounter any unforeseen problems when making your first deposit, you can always contact BetOnline friendly support time. A live chat feature is available 24/7, but you can also send an e-mail to or contact them by phone at 1-888-426-3661.

Clearing The Deposit Bonus

Now you can finally proceed to activating your long awaited Bonus! Unfortunately, the BetOnline Bonus Code cannot be entered directly in the client. You will have to send an e-mail to the e-mail address associated with your account with the BetOnline Bonus Code “NEWBOL” in the subject line and your username in the body of the e-mail. Make sure you follow this step exactly since making an error here can mean wasting valuable time before your BetOnline Bonus will be activated.

If you filled out everything correctly, you Welcome Bonus will be activated within 48 hours of sending the e-mail. The minimum deposit amount eligible for the Bonus offer is $50. Once your Bonus is activated you will have 30 days to clear the entire Bonus. Fortunately, the BetOnline Bonus is released in chunks of $10, so only the chunks that were not released in time will be forfeited in case you don’t have time to clear the entire Bonus amount.

Every $10 Bonus chunk that is released requires you to earn 5,000 Comp Points. Comp Points are earned at a rate of 1 Point for every cent you contribute in rake or tournament fees. You can read more about Comp Points in the upcoming “Comp Points” section.

Regardless of the Bonus amount you wish to activate, you will have to clear the total amount within 30 days. After 30 days have passed, whatever Bonus amount is left unreleased will expire. This of course does not apply to the Bonus amount that will already be released by that time, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Bonus Value & Clearing Approximations

Regardless of the Bonus amount you choose to activate, the cashback value of the Bonus will be a uniform 20% across the board, whether it is $50 or $1,000. This can be calculated using the following method. Since Comp Points are always earned at a constant rate of 1 Comp Point for every 1 cent in rake, you can calculate that you will need to contribute $250 in rake to clear a $50 Bonus.

25,000 / 100 = $250;         $50 * 100 / $250 = 20%

You can apply this calculation to any other Bonus amount and the result will always be same.

Bonus Cashback
Tournament Bonus Clearing
Windfall Bonus Clearing


Cashback Value

Regardless of the Bonus amount you choose to activate, the cashback value of the Bonus will be a uniform 20% across the board, whether it is $50 or $1,000. This can be calculated using the following method. Since Comp Points are always earned at a constant rate of 1 Comp Point for every 1 cent in rake, you can calculate that you will need to contribute $250 in rake to clear a $50 Bonus.

25,000 / 100 = $250;         $50 * 100 / $250 = 20%

You can apply this calculation to any other Bonus amount and the result will always be same.

Now let’s take a look at how long it will take to clear certain amounts of the Bonus based of what games and stakes you are going to be playing. As you can see, the three charts on the right show the breakdown by numbers for tournaments, cash games and windfall games. You can read more about Windfall Sit & Go’s in our BetOnline Download review.

When it comes to tournaments and windfall sit & go’s, the fee structure is rigidly defined, so calculating how many games it will take to clear you Bonus is easy, however, when it comes to cash games, calculations are not that simply and only approximations can be made. Let’s start with tournaments.

The tournament chart features 3 buy-in levels – $11, $55 and $109 with fees of $1, $5 and $9 respectively. So if we take a $50 Bonus amount, we know that you will need to earn 25,000 Comp Points to clear this amount. Since we also know that Comp Points are awarded at a rate of 1 Point per every 1 cent in fees (100 Comp Points for every $1 in fees), we can easily calculate how many tournaments it will take to clear the entire Bonus.

$50 Bonus:                          25,000 / 100 = 250

$200 Bonus:                        100,000 / 100 = 1,000

$1,000 Bonus:                    500,000 / 100 = 5,000

When it comes to windfall sit & go’s, the process is very much the same, except the rake for them is lower than normal tournament rake and stands at only 7%. This means that for example, an $7 windfall sit & go will have a $0.49 fee. Now we can just apply the same formula as before.

$50 Bonus:                          25,000 / 49 = ~511

$200 Bonus:                        100,000 / 49 = ~2,040

$1,000 Bonus:                    500,000 / 49 = ~10,205

As we’ve mentioned earlier, cash games are a different beast. The amount of rake that can be paid over a certain number of hands can vary from player to player, so the best we can do is make an approximation. A safe approximation to make is that players an stakes of NL100 and below will pay rake at a rate of 12 big blinds per 100 hands. This means that if you are playing NL25, you are paying ~$3/100 in rake and earning ~300 Comp Points. Based on this approximation we can use the following calculation to get an approximate number of hands you will need to play to clear the entire Bonus amount.


$50 Bonus:                          25,000 / 300 * 100 = ~8,333

$200 Bonus:                        100,000 / 300 * 100 = ~33,333

$1,000 Bonus:                    500,000 / 300 * 100 = ~166,666

For NL200 and above, it’s usually safe to assume that the amount of rake paid per 100 hands goes down, so let’s a assume an 8 big blinds / 100 hands rake. In this case, for NL500, you will be paying $40 / 100 hands in rake and earning 4,000 Comp Points. Then we can just apply the same formula as we did earlier.


$50 Bonus:                          25,000 / 400 * 100 = ~625

$200 Bonus:                        100,000 / 400 * 100 = ~2,500

$1,000 Bonus:                    500,000 / 400 * 100 = ~12,500

Cash Games Bonus Clearing

$10,000 New Player Freeroll

When you make your first deposit, not only do you get the awesome Welcome Bonus, but also an entry in the monthly $10,000 New Player Freeroll, potentially worth almost as much as the Bonus itself!

The freeroll runs on the 2nd Sunday of each Month at 17:00 ET. If you made a deposit in June for example, you will be awarded a ticket to July’s freeroll. Tickets will be awarded within 72 hours of making your deposit.

Freerolls like these represent enormous value because of all the casual players playing in them. The skill level of such a tournament cannot be compared to any regular tournament. Another huge advantage is that many people register for the freeroll, but never show up, so at the beginning you can easily find yourself at a 9 person table with only 4-5 players actually playing. And of course the real cherry on top of the cake here is the $10,000 prize pool, quite a bit more than other poker rooms offer for their depositor freerolls.

Once you have received the ticket, make sure you don’t miss the freeroll yourself, since the ticket is only valid for the freeroll you have qualified for. This means that if you make your deposit in June and then miss the July freeroll, your ticket will no longer be valid.

$10,000 New Player Freeroll

Deposit now and get your $1,000 BetOnline Deposit Bonus!

All new players are eligible for the Deposit Bonus! Don’t miss your chance, visit now!

Comp Points

BetOnline doesn’t have a tiered VIP program some other online poker rooms. Instead, players earn Comp Points for playing at any real money games, including cash games, tournaments, Windfall sit & go’s, etc. These points can later be exchanged for freeroll and tournament tickets.

Players earn comp points for every cent they pay in rake, literally! For every cent that you pay in in rake at a cash game table or contribute in the form of a tournament fee, you will get 1 Comp Point. This means that if you register for a tournament with a $109 buy-in, you will get 900 Comp Points ($9 fee * 100).

Don’t worry if you don’t see your earned Comp Points reflected in your account balance immediately. It can take up to 24 hours to process all the Comp Points earned and for that to be reflected in your account balance.

Comp Points are accrued over the course of the year, which at BetOnline starts on April 1st and ends on March 31st. Comp Points do have an expiration date. All points earned in this period of time have to be spent until June 30th of the next Comp Points year, otherwise they will expire and you will no longer be able to redeem them.

You can view your Comp Point balance by opening the cashier in the BetOnline desktop client or by logging in on their website. There you can also redeem your Comp Points for freeroll and tournament tickets.

Comp Points

Poker Bonus

Daily Cash Race

Weekly Sit & Go Leaderboard

Bad Beat Jackpot

BetOnline Poker Software

BetOnline’s software has been developed quite recently in association with Connective Games. It boasts a number of unique and popular features and games formats, including:

  • Lottery Sit & Go’s (Windfall Poker)
  • Bad Beat Jackpot
  • Royal Flush Jackpot
  • 2 Unique Game Formats (Americana & 32 Card Draw)
  • 2 Weekly Leaderboard Races
  • Dedicated Mobile Clients For iOS and Android

Read more about BetOnline’s software, including a detailed review of all the features in our BetOnline Download review.

BetOnline Software

Poker Tournament Schedule

BetOnline is packed with high value tournaments every day of the week. The best action always rolls around Saturday and Sunday, so be sure to set your alarm for the best tournaments!

Time (ET)TournamentGtd Prize PoolBuy-inFrequency
2:00 PM$10,000 [R+A]$10,000$22Weekly (Saturday)
4:00 PM$30,000 Re-entry$30,000$109Weekly (Saturday)
7:00 PM$15,000 [R+A]$15,000$33Weekly (Saturday)
9:00 PM$25,000 [R+A]$25,000$55Weekly (Saturday)
11:00 PM$10,000 [R+A]$10,000$22Weekly (Saturday)
2:00 PM$10,000 [R+A]$10,000$22Weekly (Sunday)
4:00 PM$40,000 Re-entry$40,000$215Weekly (Sunday)
7:00 PM$50,000 [R+A]$50,000$99Weekly (Sunday)
8:30 PM$7,500 [R+A]$7,500$11Weekly (Sunday)
9:00 PM$30,000 [R+A]$30,000$66Weekly (Sunday)
11:00 PM$15,000 Turbo [R+A]$15,000$33Weekly (Sunday)
7:00 PM$100,000 [R+A]$100,000$109Monthly (Sunday)

In Conclusion…

From a generous Welcome Bonus to mouth-watering games, BetOnline is the full package as far as online poker rooms go. Remember to use the BetOnline poker promo code NEWBOL to activate the bonus! US players should definitely not sleep on this one!

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