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If Ignition Casino’s table are still not your first choice when it comes to poker, then you just might be missing out! With thousands in Bonuses and ever more to be won at the tables, Ignition Casino will quickly become your new favorite.

USA Players Accepted

U.S. Players Accepted!

US players are able to play for real money at Ignition Poker!

Ignition Casino Download

Ignition Poker Download, TL;DR

Custom Software

Stable, secure and slick, guaranteed to make for a great gaming experience.

Bodog Network

Ignition Casino is part of the Bodog network, which it shares with Bovada, another popular option for US players.

Quick Seating

Never waste time searching for a table again, the software will do it for you!

Mobile Poker

A Mobile Browser-based app is available for players to enjoy on virtually any mobile device.

Jackpot Sit & Go’s

Win tens of thousands of dollars in minutes, all for an investment as low as $2!

Anonymous Tables

Go incognito and whip out every move in your book without your opponents every knowing what hit them!

Bitcoin Accepted

Deposit and withdraw freely with the world most popular cryptocurrency.

$1,000 Welcome Bonus

Deposit and receive a welcome bonus of 100% up to $1,000. Read our Ignition Poker bonus code review to learn all of the details.

Downloading & Installing the Software

To Install Ignition Casino’s poker software simply visit Ignitioncasino.eu and start the Ignition Poker download by clicking on “Download Now”.

Ignition Casino Download

Downloading & Installing the Software

To Install Ignition Casino’s poker software simply visit Ignitioncasino.eu and download the Ignition Casino download file. The file size is only 13 MB, so you will have it downloaded in no time. The installation process is very simple and will take you a few minutes at most.

Ignition Casino Create Account

Create a New Account

You can create an account by visiting Ignitioncasino.eu again or directly within the poker client. The process will only take a few minutes of your time. You will need to provide some personal and contact information so your account can be secure.

Ignition Casino Deposit

Make a Deposit

Once you have the software running and your account created all that is left to do before jumping into the tables is to make a deposit. You can do this by clicking on “Cashier” and choosing your preferred deposit method, simple as that!

Ignition Casino Table

Win at Poker!

Now that the minor things are out of the way, it is time! Time to show the world what you are made off and battle for glory at the poker tables!

Download Ignition Poker Software

Download and Install Ignition Casino in minutes and jump right into the action with a 100% up to $1,000 Bonus!

Ignition Poker Software Review

Ignition Casino is a surprisingly late newcomer to the world of online gaming. Their casino platform has been launched in 2016, quickly followed by their poker platform. This is mind-blowing considering how long some of their competitors have been on the market, and yet just two years later Ignition is a serious player to be reckoned with.

A big help to the company was their timely acquisition of Bovada, which had a well established poker room with refined software that has been developed for years. Both Ignition Casino and Bovada are part of the Bodog Network now, attracting even more player to what was already a very juicy player field when it was only Bovada.

Ignition’s poker platform is very heavily oriented towards protecting recreational players with multiple features that limit predatory behavior by very good players to a non-existent level. These include anonymous tables, lack of traditional cash game table selection, Zone Poker and more. We will be discussing each of these features in depth further in the review.

When it comes to the Ignition Poker download client, unfortunately at this point it is only available for Windows, though it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Ignition released a MAC client in the near future. Even so, Ignition’s Instant Play feature allows users of any operating system play through their browser.

Game selection is not stellar, only Texas Hold’em, Pot Limit Omaha and Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo are available. When it comes to game formats, Ignition offers all the standard formats in the form of cash games, tournaments, sit & go’s and at this point probably considered as standard for most online poker rooms – fast fold cash games (Zone Poker). Apart from that, Ignition also offers Jackpot sit & go’s, which allow players to win huge amounts of money in minutes! You can read more about them later on.

Ignition’s poker lobby design is simple and to the point. There are no promotional offers popping up everywhere, no sets of undefined icons that refer to setting you probably don’t even care about. Everything is as intuitive as can be, so you should have absolutely no problem jumping into a game as soon as you open the client. One thing that can be noted is with all of this simplicity in design, it would probably have been useful to leave additional filtering options for tournaments and sit & go’s, since it can get annoying scrolling through a partially filtered lobby to find the tournaments you want to play, especially if you’re playing a lot of them.

Just like the lobby, the Bovada-style tables do not offer much customization options. You can change the background of the table and card design, but as far as personalizing your tables goes, that’s pretty much it. Fortunately, there are a lot of options when it comes to gameplay settings. Seemingly every option that makes the game more streamlined is available, like 4 color decks, auto rebuy’s and add-on’s, preferred seating and even the speed and amount of animations. You can also turn on the “Rabbit Card” option, which will show you the next card that would have been dealt once your current hand is over.

Minimum System Requirements:

Operating System: Windows 7+
CPU: Intel/AMD processor Core duo or better
RAM: 1 GB+
Resolution: 1024 x 768+
Disk Space: 150 MB+
Flash Player: 16+


Ignition Casino Anonymous Tables

Anonymous Tables

Anonymous tables have become more and more popular recently and for good reason. With all the tools that are available to poker players online, breaking down individual players strengths and weaknesses has become easier than ever.

Anonymous tables change all of that and allow players to remain completely incognito, whether in a cash game or tournament. Players can only get as much information about you as they can while you are sitting at the same table, if you sit down at another table with each other, neither of you will have any idea that you are playing the same player.

Anonymous tables create great opportunities for player to use their bag of tricks over and over again without their opponents being able to adjust as easily as they could have if every players screen name was visible, so this is a very nice development for all players!

Ignition Casino Zone Poker

Zone Poker

Known generally as fast fold poker, at Ignition Casino it is known as Zone Poker. Zone Poker has taken the world by storm when it was first introduced more than 5 years ago and is still going strong today. In a nutshell, Zone Poker takes a cash game, and cuts out all the boring part. No more waiting for the next hand to be dealt, just fast and intense action all the way!

Once you are dealt a hand, unless you are the big blind, you have the option to fold it right away and be moved to another table. If you are the big blind and just know that playing your 72 offsuit will just get you in trouble, you can take advantage of the “Check/Fold Now” button. This means that if any player raises before the action gets to you, your hand will be folded immediately and a new one will be dealt at another table.

If you are wondering how big blinds are assigned in what seems like quite a chaotic system of people moving tables every second, the explanation is pretty easy. Big Blinds are assigned in the following order of priority:

  1. Players who have just joined the game and have yet to post any blinds at all
  2. Players who have gone the longest without posting a big blind

In case multiple players at a table satisfy this criteria, one player will be selected at random.

Ignition Casino Jackpot Payout Distribution

Jackpot Sit & Go’s

Jackpot Sit & Go’s are all the rage the last few years. While they go under many different names in many poker rooms, the gist of it remains the same.

What you have is a 3-handed sit & go, where the prize pool is assigned randomly at the start of the game. This means that your prize pool can be as much as you’d expect it to be with the buy-in that you have chosen, or, it can be 1,200 time bigger!

The average game lasts just minutes, so in a blink of an eye you can pocket thousands and thousands of dollars with one lucky spin of the wheel and some well played hands! The table below shows the prize pool distribution and jackpot amount you can win at Ignition Casino:

Quick Seat

The last feature of Ignition Casino that improves games for players is the quick seat feature. After it was first introduced quite recently, this feature has been adopted by the majority of online poker rooms as a great way for all players to make sure they get a random and fair game.

With this feature, you cannot just pick and choose the tables you want to sit at. You simply enter the information about the game you want to play (Game type, Limit, Stakes and Table Size) and you will be seated at a random available table based on your criteria.

Ignition Casino Quick Seat

Bad Beat Bonus

If you ever had a monster hand run into an even better one, you probably feel like you deserve something in return for such incredible back luck. Fortunately, Ignition Casino agrees, offering player who have suffered bad beats a Bonus of 100X the blind blind up to $1,000! The Bonus doesn’t even have a playthrough requirement!

This promotion is only applicable to Texas Hold’em cash games. To be eligible for this Bonus, you have to have your Full House or better get beaten by an even better hand. Both the winning and loosing hand must use both of the pocket cards and both hand must go to showdown. If all of these requirements are satisfied, then you have 48 hours to send your hand number and table number to poker@ignitioncasino.eu.

Ignition Casino Bad Beat Bonus

Royal Flush Bonus

At Ignition Casino, you don’t only get rewarded for losing in a big way, but also for winning in a big way! Score a Royal Flush at any Texas Hold’em cash game and receive a Bonus of 50X the game’s big blind, up to $200!

To be eligible, you will need to use both pocket cards to make your royal flush and at least 3 players need to be dealt into the hand. While you have to win the pot, which shouldn’t be too hard with a royal flush, your hand doesn’t have to go to showdown. If all of these requirements are met, send the hand number and table number to poker@ignitioncasino.eu and your Bonus will be process within 48 hours.

Ignition Casino Table


Ignition Casino does not have dedicated mobile apps for any platform, but it does have a browser based Instant Play version of it’s desktop client, which allows players to use regardless of device or platform. If you device supports HTML5, you can use it, whether you are on an iPhone, Samsung galaxy, iPad or a Lenovo tablet. Heck, you don’t even have to be on a mobile device!

Ignition Casino’s Mobile app offers regular cash games, Zone poker and Jackpot Sit & Go’s. Unfortunately, tournaments are not available at this point. All three game types offered in the regular client are available.

The range of settings offered by the mobile app is a little different compared to the desktop client. Players can adjust gameplay settings like 4 color decks, animations and auto mucking hands, but a handful of other settings are not available.

Unfortunately, the Mobile app also doesn’t offer multi-tabling options, however, that can be easily made up with a single fast paced game of Zone Poker!

In Conclusion…

Start the Ignition Poker download now to access slick, highly customizeable poker software, which is among the best offered for US players. Remember, new players can receive up to $1,000 free!

Download Ignition Poker now!