Up to $1,000 Deposit Bonus, TL;DR

100% up to $1,000

Get your first deposit matched with a Bonus up to $1,000!

Released in Increments

As you progress through clearing the SportsBetting Bonus, it will be released in $10 increments.

Bonus Expiration

As soon as your Bonus is activated, you will have 30 days to clear it in full.

20% Cashback

The total Bonus value once cleared is 20%.

Activate Your Bonus

To activate the Bonus, you will need to e-mail at poker@sportsbetting.ag with the SportsBetting Poker Bonus Code “NEWSB” in the subject line and your account name in the body.

Bonus is Cashable

You can withdraw any Bonus funds that have been cleared!

Minimum Deposit

You have to deposit at least $50 to qualify for the Bonus offer.

Any Deposit Method

You can activate the Bonus by using any of the available deposit methods to make a deposit.
To find out how you can get and clear your 100% up to $1,000 Bonus from scratch keep on reading this review!

Creating an Account at SportsBetting

Before getting your awesome Deposit Bonus, you will need to do a few things, one of which is creating an account with SportsBetting. To do this, visit SportsBetting.ag. There you can download and install their software.

Step 1: Navigate to the Registration Form

When the software is installed and running, you can begin creating your new account by clicking on “Create Account” in the login window.
Creating Account Step 1

Step 2: Fill out Your Account Info

Now you have to fill in the registration form, where you will have to provide your personal and contact information. This is standard for every online poker room and you can be sure your information will be safe and secure with SportsBetting.
Creating Account Step 1

Step 3: All Done!

That’s it! Your brand new account is now ready, and you can use it to log in to the SportsBetting software!

Making a Deposit at SportsBetting

Once you are finished with creating your account, you will have to make a qualifying deposit to be eligible for the Welcome Bonus. To do that, just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Navigate to the Deposit Menu

First, you will need to open the cashier inside the software and click the “Deposit” button. This will open a deposit processing page in your browser where you will see all the available deposit methods.
SportsBetting Deposit Step 1

Step 2: Enter the Deposit Amount

After you choose your preferred deposit method, you will have to enter the amount you want to deposit. Remember that to qualify for the maximum Bonus amount of $1,000, you will need to deposit at least that much. Deposits over $1,000 will still activate a $1,000 Bonus.
SportsBetting Deposit Step 2

Step 3: Fill out the Deposit Form

At this point, you will either need to follow additional instruction provided by SportsBetting or enter your deposit information based on the method you have chosen. Regardless, this will be the last step and once you are done, your deposit should be processed immediately!
SportsBetting Deposit Step 3
SportsBetting Deposit Methods

More on SportsBetting Deposit Methods


Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are a very easy and convenient way to deposit with Sportsbetting. Besides Bitcoin, you can make a deposit using Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ethereum and Litecoin, all of which are among the most popular cryptocurrencies. All of these also come with a 0% deposit fee and a maximum deposit amount between $25,000 and $50,000 depending on the currency.

When making your deposit, be careful not to confuse your cryptocurrency wallets, especially Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. They are completely separate from each other, and transferring Bitcoin to a Bitcoin Cash wallet will result in a permanent loss of funds.

Credit Cards / Other Methods

Credit Cards / Other Methods

Sportsbetting also offer a range of traditional deposit methods, among which are credit and debit cards like VISA, MasterCard and American Express. However, credit and debit cards in particular a much less attractive for two reasons. First, using this deposit method comes with a 6.5% Fee, and second, the maximum Deposit amount is $500.

Besides credit and debit cards, Sportsbetting also has other deposit options, including  Moneygram, Wire Transfer, Cashier Check and Money Order. The maximum deposit amounts for these methods is usually higher than credit/debit cards, so they can also be used to make a qualifying deposit for the entire Welcome Bonus amount.

Deposit Help

If you are having trouble making your first deposit, consider contacting SportsBetting’s friendly support them. There are numerous ways you can contact them, including a live chat feature by going to Sportsbetting.ag, sending them an e-mail at poker@sportsbetting.ag or calling them at 1-888-843-9027.

Clearing the Deposit Bonus

Now that all those things are out of the way, we can proceed to the important part! Let’s being by activating your SportsBetting Bonus. Unlike other poker rooms, SportsBetting doesn’t require players to enter the a SportsBetting.ag Bonus Code in the software itself, rather, you need to send them an e-mail. Use the same e-mail address you have used when registering your account. Send an e-mail to poker@sportsbetting.ag with the SportsBetting Bonus Code “NEWSB” in the subject line and your username in the e-mail body.

Now all you have to do is wait a little! Per SportsBetting policy, the Bonus will be activated within 48 hours, but you can probably expect it to be done much faster than that. Don’t forget that as soon as your Bonus is activated, the expiration clock starts ticking. You will have only 30 days to clear the entire Bonus from the moment it is activated. Don’t worry though, if you don’t have time to clear the entire amount you have activated, it will not be a complete loss. The SportsBetting Bonus is released in chunks of $10 for every 5,000 Comp Points you earn. Later on we will be discussing the Bonus value rates and Comp Points in more detail.

Bonus Value & Cashback

Now let’s look at how much the Bonus is actually worth and what are the best way of clearing it. First, as you can see from the Bonus Value table, it doesn’t really matter what Bonus amount you activate, the eventual value of clearing it will be equivalent to 20% Cashback. We know this because the Bonus is cleared by earning Comp Points, which are earned at a rate of 1 Comp Points per every cent you pay in rake and tournament fees. So for example, if we want to clear a $300 Bonus, we would first need to find out how many Comp Points we’ll need to earn to do that. Since every $10 chunk is released after earning 5,000 Comp Points, we can calculate that:

($300 / $10) * 5,000 = 150,000 Comp Points

Then, because we know that every Comp Point is worth 1 cent in paid rake, we can calculate how much rake we’ll need to pay in total to clear this amount:

150,000 / 100 = $1,500

Now using a simple calculation, we can see that $300 is 20% of $1,500.

$300 * 100 / $1,500 = 20%

You can plug in any Bonus amount into these formulas and you will always come up with 20% at the end.

Bonus Cashback
Tournaments Bonus Clearing
Windfall Bonus Clearing


Cashback Value

Tournaments / Windfall Poker

When it comes to figuring out how much time it will take to clear the Bonus playing various games, the easiest calculations can be made for tournaments/sit & go’s and windfall poker. You can read more about Windfall Poker in our SportsBetting Download review, but basically it is also a sit & go variant.

In the graphs on the left, you can see the results of tournament and windfall poker calculations that show how many games you will need to play to clear a certain Bonus amount playing specific stakes. Let’s take a close look at these calculations. For tournaments, we have used three buy-in levels, $5.50, $22 and $215, which give a good representation of what it will be like clearing the Bonus playing low, medium and high stakes.

Since we know that players earn 100 Comp Points for every $1 they spend in tournament fees, we have an easy way to calculate the amount of games it will take to clear the entire Bonus. Let’s take the $22 tournaments as an example. Since you pay $2 in fees in these tournaments, that means that you earn 200 Comp Points for every tournament played. Knowing this, we can easily calculate the number of tournaments it will take to clear a specific Bonus amount:

$100 Bonus:                        50,000 / 200 = 250

$500 Bonus:                        250,000 / 200 = 1,250

$1,000 Bonus:                    500,000 / 200 = 2,500

Now if we take Windfall Poker games, the same calculation applies. Let’s take the $15 Windfall Poker games for example. All Windfall Poker games have a rake of 7% regardless of the buy-in, so for $15 games, the rake would be $1.05 per games, earning you 105 Comp Points for every game you play. Now we can just plug this number into the formula like last time and get the number of games it will take to clear a Bonus:

$100 Bonus:                        50,000 / 105 = 477

$500 Bonus:                        250,000 / 105 = 2381

$1,000 Bonus:                    500,000 / 105 = 4762

Cash Games

While tournament/sit & go calculations are easy, cash games can be much more of a pain to figure out. Due to differences in stakes, playing styles, etc. it can be pretty hand to calculate how many Comp Points players will earn over a set number of hands. The easiest way to go about this is to introduce some approximations and take the calculations from there. Let’s calculate the amount of hands it will take to clear certain Bonus amounts for $0.25/$0.50 and $5/$10 stakes.

NL50 (Estimated ~300 Comp Points/100 Hands)

$100 Bonus:                        50,000 / 300 * 100 = ~16,666 Hands

$500 Bonus:                        250,000 / 300 * 100 = ~83,333 Hands

$1,000 Bonus:                    500,000 / 300 * 100 = ~166,666 Hands

NL1000 (Estimated ~500 Comp Points/100 Hands)

$100 Bonus:                        50,000 / 500 * 100 = ~10,000 Hands

$500 Bonus:                        250,000 / 500 * 100 = ~50,000 Hands

$1,000 Bonus:                    500,000 / 500 * 100 = ~100,000 Hands

Cash Games Bonus Clearing

$10,000 New Player Freeroll

Sometime players overlook the additional benefits of being a first time depositor in an online poker room. The Deposit Bonus is nice, but there are always other things to look out for, for example, first depositor freerolls. Sometimes these freerolls are too small to be worth your time, but sometimes they are a golden opportunity, like the one offered by SportsBetting.

Usually, first depositor freeroll prize pools are not that big, a few thousand dollars guaranteed at best, but SportsBetting has really stepped up their game and are offering a $10,000 guaranteed freeroll! This might easily be the best value freeroll of this kind. In general, freerolls like these are almost entire comprised from casual players, so that will already give you a massive edge over the field, not to mention the fact that there are not that many people taking part in this freeroll every month to begin with.

This is a monthly freeroll, which takes place on the 2nd Sunday of each Month at 17:00 ET. Players who make their first deposit qualify for next months freeroll. This means that if you make your deposit in September, you will get a ticket to the October freeroll. Don’t miss the freeroll you will qualify for though, since the ticket that you will be awarded is only eligible for that specific freeroll and no the ones that will come after it.

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Comp Points

At SportsBetting, players earn Comp Points as a reward for playing in the room. These points are not only used to clear the deposit Bonus and other Bonuses, but they can also be exchanged for tournament tickets and freeroll tickets!

All players earn Comp Points by playing any real money games on SportsBetting. Comp Points are earned at a rate of 1 Comp Point for every cent paid in rake or tournament fees. This means that if you are playing in a cash game and win a pot where you had to pay $0.25 in rake, you will receive 25 Comp Points. If you take part in a tournament with a buy-in of $55, $5 of that amount will go towards the tournament fee and you will receive 500 Comp Points.

Comp Points have an expiration period. The amount of Comp Points you earn every year between April 1st and March 31st will be tagged with an expiration date of 3 months. So all the Comp Points you earn over that period have to be spent by June 30th or they will expire. You can check you Comp Points balance by going to the cashier in the SportsBetting client or website.

Comp Points

Poker Bonus

Daily Cash Race

Weekly Sit & Go Leaderboard

Bad Beat Jackpot

SportsBetting Poker Software

SportsBetting’s software was developed in 2016 after the old version based on the software of Chico Poker was retired. The new software was a massive improvement and now boasts a lot of cool features, including:

  • Slick New Table Design
  • Windfall Poker
  • Awesome New Tournament Schedule
  • Multiple Progressive Jackpots
  • Weekly Leaderboard Races
  • Ios and Android Mobile Apps
  • Built-in Sportsbook and Casino

You can read more about SportsBetting software in our SportsBetting Poker Download review, where you will find detailed information on every part of the software, features and promotions!

SportsBetting Software

Poker Tournament Schedule

Check out SportsBetting’s biggest and most popular tournaments:

Time (ET)TournamentGtd Prize PoolBuy-inFrequency
2:00 PM$10,000 [R+A]$10,000$22Weekly (Saturday)
4:00 PM$30,000 Re-entry$30,000$109Weekly (Saturday)
7:00 PM$15,000 [R+A]$15,000$33Weekly (Saturday)
9:00 PM$25,000 [R+A]$25,000$55Weekly (Saturday)
11:00 PM$10,000 [R+A]$10,000$22Weekly (Saturday)
2:00 PM$10,000 [R+A]$10,000$22Weekly (Sunday)
4:00 PM$40,000 Re-entry$40,000$215Weekly (Sunday)
7:00 PM$50,000 [R+A]$50,000$99Weekly (Sunday)
8:30 PM$7,500 [R+A]$7,500$11Weekly (Sunday)
9:00 PM$30,000 [R+A]$30,000$66Weekly (Sunday)
11:00 PM$15,000 Turbo [R+A]$15,000$33Weekly (Sunday)
7:00 PM$100,000 [R+A]$100,000$109Monthly (Sunday)

In Conclusion…

SportsBetting offers every player a ton of things to choose from. From great promotions to the juicy Deposit Bonus (use SportsBetting.ag poker bonus code NEWSB), everyone will find something they’ll like here!

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