Bovada is one of the top online poker rooms today that is open to players from the United States*. Great bonuses, top notch software, easy deposits, and speedy withdrawals are all benefits at playing at Bovada. Receive $500 free to play poker, plus thousands more in their casino and sportsbook, just by signing up.


* Residents of Delaware, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, and New York are not allowed to create accounts.

$500 Poker Welcome Bonus, TL;DR

100% up to $500

All new players receive up to $500 free.

Awards Bonus in 6 Tiers

Earn your way to a larger bonus (more on this below.)

5,000 Poker Points

A total of 5,000 poker points awards the full $500 bonus.

Bonus Expiration

Bonus must be earned within 30 days.

Any Deposit Method

Valid on any deposit method (including bitcoin).

No Code

No Bovada bonus code required, the bonus is automatic on first deposit.

33% Cashback

The total bonus value is 33% of your rake/fees paid.

Bonus is Cashable

The bonus is fully cashable once the clearing requirements are met.

This means you can earn up to $500 free just by making your deposit at Bovada. To learn more about all the details and terms, see how to clear the poker bonus below.

Creating an Account at Bovada

But before you can claim any bonus, you must create an account. This poker bonus offer is only valid for new players.

Click here to visit Bovada to start the account creation process. Overall, it only takes a few minutes, and can be done from any device.

Step 2: Fill in Your Details

Enter your basic contact details and information, then click Open Account to complete the process.

Step 3: Verify Email & Deposit Details

Next, enter your street address to unlock deposit options. You will also need to verify your email address

Step 4: You're All Set!

Now you have an official Bovada account and can make your first deposit!

Making a Real Money Deposit at Bovada

Once you have finished setting up your account, you will need to deposit in order to take advantage of the $500 welcome bonus offer.

Bovada offers two different options to fund your account:

Credit & Debit Cards

Bovada accepts Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX. Although the most convenient, using cards can prove difficult as some banks may reject the deposit. Some banks have tighter restrictions for gambling. Credit cards also have a 5.9% fee attached to each deposit. However, the fee is waived for your first deposit.

It’s also possible to use a prepaid credit or debit card, which can be purchased online or at larger retail stores. However, these also have the same issues or being rejected. To improve the chances it will be accepted, make sure the card is set up to receive international payments and can be used for online purchases.

Tip: If depositing via credit card, MasterCard tends to have more success than Visa or Amex.


If you have a bitcon wallet, the easiest way to deposit is Bitcoin. Bitcoin deposits also have the added benefit of no fees.

All you need to do is select Bitcoin when making a deposit and choose your deposit amount. Then you will receive an email with further instructions which will include the address to send your Bitcoin to from your Wallet or exchange. Bitcoin deposits are usually confirmed within minutes.

Deposit Help

Bovada is very helpful if you’re having deposit issues. You can contact them via phone 1-888-263-0000 or by using the live chat feature on the website.

Claiming & Clearing the $500 Welcome Bonus

The first deposit poker bonus at Bovada is automatic, there is no Bovada Poker bonus code you need to enter. The total deposits you make over a 24 hour period will count towards the full amount. In other words, if you deposit $250 at 12:00, then an additional $250 at 5:00, you will receive the full $500 bonus.

Note: When making a deposit, don’t worry about selecting anything under “Claim a Bonus”. The poker bonus will not be listed here.

After you make a deposit, download the Bovada poker client. You can manage your account and track your bonus progress within the client.

As you play real money games, you earn poker points. These points are used to keep track of your bonus progress and give you some extra benefits (more on this below.) The rate at which you earn poker points is shown below:

Tournaments: 3 poker points for every $1 in tournament fees
Cash Games: Up to 1 poker point per hand based on the amount of rake you contribute to the pot, as shown in the table to the side.

Total RakePoints Earned
$0.01 - $0.040.05
$0.05 - $0.240.10
$0.25 - $0.490.25
$0.50 - $0.990.50

The Bovada bonus is released in tiers, meaning once you earn a certain amount of points, a portion of the bonus is deposited into your account. This is explained on the table below:

TierPoker Points RequiredBonus ReleaseValue/Cashback

This means you must earn 15 poker points to release the first tier bonus of $5, then 70 more points to release the tier 2 bonus of $20, etc. You will earn the full $500 bonus once a total of 5,000 points have been earned. Partial bonuses are not awarded, you must earn the total points at each level to receive the bonus! In other words, even if you earn 4,999 points, you will not receive any of the tier 6 bonus until you reach 5,000 points.

This bonus must be earned fully within 30 days of your first deposit! Any unearned portion of the bonus will become invalid after this time. Remember, there is no Bovada Poker bonus code needed to activate the bonus, simply make a deposit and download the poker client.

Bonus Value & Cashback

Looking at the numbers from the table above, the difficulty increases at each tier, and such the value decreases. You receive 100% cashback on tier 1, which lowers to 85.71% on tier 2, etc. The hardest tier is tier 6, which awards the final half of the bonus, and pays 21.43% of your rake paid back to you as the bonus.

Overall, the 5,000 points required to earn the $500 bonus comes out to an even 30% cashback. This is using poker points earned by paying tournament fees, as it’s an exact calculation. The amount you earn back by playing cash games will vary based on how much you contribute on average.

The calculation is as follows:

  • 5,000 points required
  • $1 in rake awards 3 points
  • Value of 1 point is therefore $1 / 3, or $0.33
  • 5,000 points * $0.33 = $1,666.67, which is the total amount of take you will need to pay to earn the $500.
  • $500 / $1,666.67 = 30%, which means you get 30%, or $500, of the $1,667.67 you pay in rake returned to you.


Cashback Value

Claim Your 100% up to $500 Bovada Bonus Offer

Remember, all new poker players can qualify for this offer. Visit Bovada now to sign up and get $500 free to play poker!

Claim Your $500

Poker Points Benefits

In addition to keeping track of your bonus progress, you can use the Bovada poker points you collect to convert into tournament tickets or bonuses.

100 poker points is equivalent to $1. Although you can’t convert directly to cash, tournament tickets can be purchased and used in any tournament.

If you want to use your points for poker, currently the only method is by purchasing tournament tickets. To do this, open the Bovada Poker client and navigate to the dashboard, then click the My Poker tab, and select Points to Tickets.

Here you can see your current points total and offers you can select. It doesn’t matter which buy-in level you choose, a larger ticket won’t get you a better deal. In other words, a $5.50 ticket will cost 550 points, and a $55 ticket will cost 5,500 points. This means that the 5,000 poker points you earn which clearing your bonus is worth an additional $50.

Adding this extra $50 on top of the $500 bonus changes the total to $550, and overall cashback value improves to 33%.

If you prefer, you can also purchase sports or casino bonuses, which must be cleared to earn. Unfortunately, there are no poker bonuses available to purchase. These sports and casino bonuses have a slightly better conversion rate, but remember the terms and rollover requirements must be earned or you basically just wasted your points. You can see the bonuses offered below:

  • $10 Sports Bonus: Issued within 24hrs, 3X rollover. Cost: 900 Points
  • $10 Casino Bonus: Issued within 24hrs, 20X rollover. Cost: 700 Points
  • $5 Sports Bonus: Issued within 24hrs, 3X rollover. Cost: 450 Points
  • $5 Casino Bonus: Issued within 24hrs, 20X rollover. Cost: 350 Points

Converting Poker Points to Tickets

Bovada Points T&C

After 18 months of inactivity on your account, all points in your account will be removed – this includes points earned via poker, casino, and sports. Make sure to use your points before their expire! Bonuses purchased will be issued within 24 hours. Failure to meet the rollover requirements of bonuses purchases with points will forfeit the bonus and points used to purchase.

For the casino bonuses, the following games do not count towards the rollover: Blackjack (single or double deck), Baccarat, Sic Bo, Craps, Roulette and sportsbook or racebook mini games. There is no time limit to meet the rollover requirements.

More Bonuses at Bovada

Bovada is more than just poker, and offers more bonuses you can claim once you’re done (or before) your poker bonus is redeemed:

Bovada Casino Bonus

The standard Bovada Casino promotion offered for new players is a 100% up to $1,000 deposit bonus. This bonus can be redeemed up to three times, which brings the total amount up to $3,000. Use the Bovada Casino bonus code NEWWELCOME when making your deposit to claim the offer.

However, you can earn even more if you make your deposit using Bitcoin. Bitcoin deposits can receive 150% up to $1,500, which can always be claimed up to three times, for a total of $4,500. This offer requires the Bovada Casino bonus code BVCBITCOIN150.

Both bonus offers require a 25x playthrough requirement, meaning you must wager the amount of your deposit and bonus 25 times before it is fully cleared. You can learn more about these offers in our Bovada Casino bonus code review where we break down the bonuses and clearing requirements.

Bovada Sports Bonus

If you prefer sports betting, Bovada also offers a 50% up to $250 deposit bonus in their sportsbook. A $500 deposit will unlock the max bonus of $250. There is no Bovada bonus code required when making your deposit, it’s automatic on your first deposit.

Just like their casino bonus, Bovada also offers an enhanced sports bonus if you choose to use Bitcoin as your deposit method. The bonus amount doubles, 50% up to $500, when using the Bovada bonus code BVSBITCOIN50 and depositing with Bitcoin.

These sports bonuses have a playthrough requirement of just 5x, meaning you must wager your total deposit and bonus amount five times within the sportsbook. We spell all of this out for you in our Bovada Sports bonus code review.

Poker Bonus

Casino Bonus

Sports Bonus

Total Bonus Cash

Bovada Poker Software

The Bovada Poker software is top notch. It was originally developed over a decade ago as a clunky newcomer to online poker – Bodog. However, over the years, Bodog & Bovada really stepped up their development and began to release new and innovative features while at the same time maintaining a simple, minimalist, and easy to use product.

Bovada is offered as a downloaded desktop client which is currently only available on Windows. (Sorry Mac users.) There is also a mobile friendly version available, which can be played on your phone’s browser.

By far the best aspect of the Bovada is how intuitive it is to use. After installing and opening it for the first time, it is broken into simple categories based on what kind of game you’re looking to play. If playing cash games, you don’t have to worry about finding a table. Simply choose Cash Games, which game you’d like to play (Hold’em or Omaha), stakes you’re comfortable with, and table size, then within seconds you’ll be seated at a table. No need to browse through hundreds of tables to find one. Bovada simplified the seating process making it as convenient as possible for the players.

Players can join as many tables as they’d like, and Bovada has many features available to make multi-tabling easier. The tables and betting options are laid out as you’d expect. Betting/raising are simple, and it’s actually pretty quick to use only the keyboard to save time, rather than clicking with your mouse. Everything feels smooth and of high quality, making it easy to follow along with the action. Bovada certainly is not clunky or poorly designed as you may be used to on other pro-US sites.

There are some unique/fun settings you can enable such as fold and show, all-in percentages, and rabbit cards, if you fancy.

Hand Histories

Bovada keeps track of every hand, just like other online poker rooms, using hand histories. You can access your hand histories directly from the table you’re playing at instantly by clicking on “Last Hand” in the top left of the screen. You can also find previous hand histories via the poker client by clicking on My Account – Hand History. By performing a search, you can also download these hands to use within Poker Tracker and to post for discussion in strategy forums.

Anonymous Tables

One of the most unique aspects of Bovada is keeping everyone completely anonymous. You won’t see usernames like on other sites, instead, everyone is just referred to as Player1. Player2, Player3, etc. This means you won’t be able to keep track of players or know who you’re playing against in any fashion.

Zone Poker

If regular poker isn’t fast enough for you, load up Zone Poker. This is Bovada’s fast play version of poker which allows you to play around 3-4 times as many hands as a standard table.

The way it works is you join a pool of players, rather than sitting at one table with the same players. When you fold, instead of watching the hand play out and waiting for the next hand to be dealt, you instantly move to a new table, with a new hand, with a different set of players from the pool.

It allows you to pass on the boring/weak hands and brings a lot more action to your game. Also, since you’re playing more quickly, you see more hands per hour and therefore will clear the bonus at a much faster rate.

Mobile & Tablet

Bovada offers a fully compatible mobile poker client which you can access directly on their website. Simply visit from any tablet or mobile smartphone.

Note: There are no Bovada mobile apps available to download and install for any devices. You won’t find anything by searching the Google Play or the iTunes store. The only way to play from your mobile phone or tablet is to visit Bovada directly.

The Bovada mobile poker client is designed to work with any screen size or device. We tested it with everything from older iPhone’s and Android tablets, and there was never an issue.

The mobile lobby is much more simplified than the desktop client and only support cash games (both regular and zone poker) and Jackpot SNGs. You cannot play standard SNGs or any other tournaments via mobile. By playing on mobile, you still access the full player pool.

It’s not difficult to play once you’re at a table either. In fact, the bet slider at the tables is among the best bet sliders to be found in any poker software whether desktop or mobile. Unlike most bet sliders, this one allows you to easily select a value that’s appropriate. The way it does this is by making the same distance on the slider represent different changes in bet size. For example, if you’re considering making a smaller-sized bet, you’ll need to move the slider a noticeable distance to increase the sizing by one big blind. On the other hand, if you’re betting a larger amount, even small movements in the slider will produce big changes in the value of the bet.

The buttons are placed in a way to make all of your actions easy with very little chance of misclicks. Everything is very intuitive and easy to use, making it one of the best mobile poker options today, and certainly the best for US players.

Poker Tournament Schedule

Bovada currently guarantees over $1.5 million every week in multi-table tournaments. Daily buy-ins range from $1 up to $109, meaning there is a tournament for all bankrolls and skill levels.

The most popular guaranteed tournaments at Bovada are highlighted in the table below:

Time (ET)TournamentGtd Prize PoolBuy-inFrequency
4:00 PM$100K Guaranteed$100,000$162Weekly (Sunday)
6;00 PM$75K High Roller$75,000$325Weekly (Sunday)
7:00 PM$10K Monster Stack$10,000$27.50Daily
7:25 PM$40K Monster Stack$40,000$215Daily
8:00 PM$25K SS$25,000$55Daily
8:45 PM$8K (10K Chips)$8,000$11Daily

In Conclusion…

A hefty, cashable bonus (no Bovada Poker bonus code required), slick software which works across all devices, and stakes/games for all bankrolls and skill levels. It’s clear why Bovada is the best online poker room offered to US players.

Sign up at Bovada Poker now!