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Mar 7, 2018 | Betting Odds

Current UFC Betting Odds

How to Bet on the UFC

You’ve seen all the odds above but we will briefly explain how betting on a fighter works. Let’s look at the match up of Curtis Blaydes vs Mark Hunt:

Curtis Blaydes-160
Mark Hunt+130

The moneyline bet on Curtis Blaydes is at -160, so if you risk $160 on Curtis Blaydes to win the fight, you will profit $100.

The moneyline bet on Mark Hunt is at +130, so if you risk $100 on Mark Hunt to win the fight, you will profit $130.

Moneyline Only

You may notice that our UFC odds only list the moneyline. That is not by accident, UFC and other MMA odds only offer straight moneyline bets. This is because there isn’t a way to offer spread or over/under type bets like with other sports. Fights are scored, but not in the traditional sense like football or basketball.

However, if you are looking to bet more than just the moneyline, Bovada (and other sites) often offer prop bets similar to spread or over/under bets, such as:

  • Fight goes the distance
  • Fight does NOT goes the distance
  • Fight is finished within 2 rounds
  • Fighter 1 wins by TKO/KO
  • Fighter 2 wins by decision
  • Figther 2 wins in round 4
  • etc.

These are all still moneyline bets, but you can bet on more than just who will win the outcome of the fight. If you’re knowledgeable, this can be a way to make more money per bet because these bets tend to be listed as underdog bets. For example, if you know Fighter1 has finished all of their UFC fights by TKO/KO, you can bet straight on the moneyline for them to win, but then also bet they will win by TKO/KO as well. The straight moneyline bet may be listed at -150, but a win by TKO/KO may be listed at +150. And if you want to be more like Mystic Mac, if you call the round, the odds can be as high as +1000.

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UFC Betting Lines History


The table below shows the closing betting lines for the past 30 days of UFC fights. See the links under the table for closing lines for previous months.



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