MLB Baseball Betting Odds & Lines

Apr 26, 2018 | Betting Odds

Current MLB Odds & Lines

Understanding MLB Betting Odds

Below is an example of how to read and bet on the odds shown above.

St. Louis Cardinals-1.5 (+140)
Washington Nationals+1.5 (-160)

The Point Spread shown is added or subtracted to your team’s final score. You win the Point Spread bet if the adjusted score beats the opponent.

Looking at the above example, the point spread for the Cardinals is at -1.5 (+140), so you would need more than 1.5 points and risk $100 to win $140. The point spread for the Nationals is at +1.5 (-160), so you would get 1.5 points and risk $160 to win $100.

St. Louis Cardinals-130
Washington Nationals+125

The Moneyline shows the payout if your team wins outright.

The moneyline for the Cardinals to win is at -130, so you would risk $130 to win $100 if you were to bet on the to win the game. The moneyline for the Nationals is at +120, meaning a $100 bets would win $125.

St. Louis Cardinals vs Washington Nationals9.5+100-120

The Over/Under shows the total aggregate score that you may bet below or above. A tie would refund your bet.

The points score for the over/under for this game is at 9.5. This means the final score of both teams needs to be over 9.5 or under 9.5 to win. The over odds are +100, meaning a $100 bet would win $100. The under odds are -120 meaning a $120 bet would win $100.

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MLB Betting Lines History


The table below shows the closing betting lines for the last 30 days of MLB games.



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